Monday, July 31, 2017

Transformation--Sunflower Painting

I  always  love  transforming  the old  pieces  that  I  pick  up  at  flea  markets  and  garage  sales--like  this  one....

actually  one  of  2  old  cupboard  doors  that  I  found  at  a  flea  market  this  summer--$5.00  for  both--that's  $2.50  each!  You  can't  feel  guilty  about  messing  up  on these  at  that  price,  and  they are  a pretty  good  size  too--18 x 30
So--first  step--

putting  on  my  first  layer

next  step--the  sunflowers

used  a  palette  knife  for  the  first  time--once  I  got  the  hang  of  it,  it  was  fun  to  do

the  finished  door--

so  happy  with  this--don't  pass  up  those  old  doors or  whatever  you  may  see  at  flea  markets  that  could  very  well  end  up  in  the  trash--it's  always  fun seeing  what  you  can  do  with  pieces  like  these.   so now.....on  to  the  next  one!


Alicia said...

Wow! This is fabulous. You did a wonderful job. What will you do with them now?

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh Diana! I am always over the moon for your work. I'm still so saddened that I lost my piece that I bought from you (I think I mentioned that it fell off my wall and shattered), I've been wanting to replace it. One of these days I'm going to go shopping at your site again. I can't wait!

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh My! An amazing transformation! Chrisx

Leisanne said...

It's beautiful. It reminds me of Monet's Sunflowers.


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